Deluxe Moon Premium

Deluxe Moon Premium

By LWS Research

Deluxe Moon PremiumDeluxe Moon PremiumDeluxe Moon PremiumDeluxe Moon PremiumDeluxe Moon Premium

Deluxe Moon Premium is an extended version of fantastically crafted Deluxe Moon.

As probably the most advanced Moon Phase Calendar for Android, Deluxe Moon Premium introduces not only conventional ideas like Moon Phases, Moon Days and Moon Zodiac Signs, but also Moon Void-Of-Course durations, Moon Mansions (Tropical Zodiac) and even Nakshatras with Padas (Sidereal Zodiac).



Precise moon phases instances.

Current moon’s age: how far along the moon is in its full cycle.

Percent of the illuminated moon space.

Moonrise and moonset times on your location.

Moon timers: period of time since moonrise and till moonset.

Moonrise and moonset azimuths.

Moon elevation.

Moon distance to the Earth.

Ecliptic longitude and latitude.

Sunrise, sundown and zenith times.

Full Moon dates

New Moon dates


Moon Phases Calendar

Moon Zodiac Calendar


6 different themes for sharing Moon Data to Instagram

share instances when the Moon adjustments Zodiac sign


Touch-n-turn: swipe the Moon vertically to change the date by a month, or horizontally to vary it by a day.

Exact Moon Phase Times

Moon calendar with moon phases and zodiac signs.

Large compass

Sunrise, sunset and zenith: faucet on both of moon timers to see it.

Custom location, date and time in options

Widget set and Live wallpapers


4 Beautiful Moon widgets

1 Moon Phase calendar widget

Live wallpaper with large moon images


Available by subscription at $1.ninety nine / month or $15.99 / year


Moon Days Calendar

Moon Calendar Widget included!


Astronomical occasions and twilight for any date

Scrollable moon brightness diagram

Sun and Moon rise and set time table

Monthly Moon part table

Apogee/Perigee table

Equinox/Solstice table

Moon Days Calendar

Solar/Lunar eclipses table

Brief Moon exploration reference


Animated Zodiac circles: sidereal and tropical together with astronomical constellations

* Exact Moon position in zodiac sign

* Precise time when the Moon enters and leaves a zodiac sign

* Precise time when Moon modifications Zodiac sign

* Moon in Zodiac when every moon day starts/ends

* Exact Moon Void of Course Times

Different algos for Sidereal Zodiac calculation

Explore the distinction between Solar and Lunar zodiac! Moon modifications zodiac signal every 2-3 days. See how it works!


Detailed Moon astrology: Moon day descriptions, Moon in Zodiac, Moon Mansions

Moon days calendar

Moon Days with descriptions

* Characteristics

* Recommendations

* Precautions

* Business

* Personal life

* Health

* Hair care

Moon in Zodiac sign

* Characteristics

* Health

* Horoscope

* Beauty care

Moon Mansions Western Tropical Zodiac

Nakshatras Padas Sidereal Zodiac

Exact Moon Void of Course Times

Explore Moon Days: price the days, gather statistics and study what days are good or bad for you.


Specific gardening recommendation primarily based on the present moon phase.

Moon gardening and Zodiac sign


- WXGA (720x1280)



Your location Is required for rise/set calculation.




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Deluxe Moon is a beautifully crafted application with magnificent design. It's an excellent software for astronomers, photographers, hunters.As probably the most advanced Moon Phases Calendar for Android, Deluxe Moon introduces not only traditional ideas like Moon Days, but additionally...