Aero XC : weather for flying

Aero XC : weather for flying

By Ori:Go

Aero XC : weather for flyingAero XC : weather for flyingAero XC : weather for flyingAero XC : weather for flyingAero XC : weather for flying

Weather forecast with an in depth vertical profile. For flying and professionals.

Do you want to know what the wind will blow at top or at the ground?

Would you like to go soaring or are you on the lookout for correct thermals?

Do you fly paragliding, rogalo or ultralight or perhaps with something bigger?

Then this application is for you.

Aero XC displays forecast data as easily as attainable.

In a clear vertical profile from the ground as much as a height of about 12 km, the fundamental parameters such as force (color scale is adapted to flying) and wind course, gusts and temperature, humidity and dew point are displayed.

Furthermore, the ability and top of instability, convection condensation degree, zero isotherm and clouds of all floors on a scale. The cloud flooring are color-coded and correspond to the clouds on the map.

A new feature is the indication of the inverse level, which might affect the thermal circulate.

Everything could be zoomed in the range from about 2km to about 12km above sea level.

To acquire the vertical profile of a selected place merely maintain your finger over anywhere or maps of the airport or the beginning space.

On the map, you can view the different levels you need or have a glance at the extent of unstable areas or just depend on the map usability.

The map exhibits gusts each absolute and relative, which is the difference between the essential wind and the gust and is more appropriate for flying.

A distinctive Jet Stream map is meant for professionals.

You can display clouds on maps separately or combine them for every flooring. The Cape index permits you to benefit from the day while avoiding storms.

There is a map of pressure models and for the USA and its environment we also have a map of queues.

The backside bar then shows schematically the basic characteristics of the day.

There are thousands of airports and start-faces, you possibly can select them on map or from the web listing.

The solar card tells you when to land, unless you're flying IFR. :)

There are 3 prediction fashions available and additional enhancements are being labored on.

The software is free and is funded by voluntary consumer contributions.

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