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Re-use/recycle write protected NFC Tags similar to resort key-cards, access badges, value tags, lift playing cards, key fobs and so on...

You can use this app to affiliate a number of capabilities (e.g. Wlan OFF, Bluetooth ON, Mobile Data TOGGLE, begin navigation,run Tasker activity, start any installed app, use media buttons, name a phone quantity, add a timestamp, calendar entry, add Text-to-Speech and far more!) to a NFC (near field communication) tag by way of an app internal database. You can even add tag cycles and let your tag run totally different activities per scan. So ReTag is the right NFC automation software for you ;-).

(Works with ANY android supported tag = re-writable AND write protected!)

With NFC ReTag you don´t have to put in writing something on the tag (- uses the tag ID, nice for small tagsizes and write-protected tags!) and NO information is ship to the web. Additional write choices (for better dispatching, device impartial tags etc.) are additionally obtainable. Import of activity tags and beaming can be supportet.

*!* NFC enabled system required / NO root required *!*

Support discussion board:

If you might have any issues please don't hesitate to write us an E-mail.

You might combine any actions and add as many activities and cycles as you want per tag. (obviously apart from writing activity tags - is determined by tagsize). For finest efficiency and dispatching, write a particular NFC ReTag tag (this is NOT an activity tag!).

Available actions:

Device Settings

* Set Ringer (silent/ vibrate/ normal)

* Set Ringer Volume

* Set Music Volume

* Set ALarm Volume

* set Brightness (auto/ value)

* Set Auto Sync (on/off/toggle)

* Set Auto Rotate (on/off/toggle)

* Set Display timeout

* Set Stay On whereas Loading (AC/USB/AC USB/Never)

Wireless Networks

* Set Wlan (on/off/toggle)

* Set Bluetooth (on/off/toggle)

* Set Airplane mode (on/off/toggle)

* Connect Wifi Hotspot (on/off/toggle)

* Connect Wifi SSID (SSID)

* Set Mobile Data (on/off/toggle)

Start Launch

* App/ Activity Launcher (any app in your device)

* Music (Toogle Play, Stop, Next and so forth.)

* Navigation (adress)

* Website (URL)

* Tasker task

* Carmode (on/off/toggle)

Phone/ Message

* Dial(number)

* Call (number)

Calendar Alarm

* Set Alarm (07:32)

* Set Alarmtimer (in 12 min)

* Add Calendar entry

* Make Timestamp

Misc Labs

* Say one thing (TextoSpeech)

* Start Secret code

* Go to Homescreen

* Show Pop-up (Text)

* WAIT (milliseconds)

* Add new SSID (great for sharing/ beaming WiFi SSID and password)

* Say current time

* Launch App Activities

* Bluetooth discoverability

* Set default ringtone, notification tone, alarm tone


* Tasker Task advanced

* ReTag Broadcast (for third party apps)

Addition Features:

* Unique tag cycles (activities for scan 1, scan 2, scan 3 and so on.)

* Write/import NFC ReTag exercise tags

* Beam your activity cycles

* Write particular NFC ReTag tag (better dispatching)

* Write Smarttags (Green, Blue and so on.)

* Backup/ import database

* Disable NFC ReTag background dispatching

* Save tag as template

* Support for placeholders (e.g. %UID, ?T)

* BT and WiFi trigger

* and a lot of many more ...

Full description and changelog:

An ad supported free model (with limited variety of tags) and an unlimited ad-free (PRO) model is available. Please examine if this app works on your telephone by way of the FREE model before downloading the PRO version.

Supports any normal android NFC tags (NFC Forum Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 etc.).


Issues with TASKER: Install Tasker BEFORE NFC ReTAG, allow Misc / Allow External Access in Tasker UI, enable Tasker (on/off button), attempt the Tasker fallback choice within NFC ReTag settings!

Some safety related NFC Tags (e.g. in passports) change their ID on every read attempt. This app won't work with such tags.

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