Locus Map Tasker Plugin

Locus Map Tasker Plugin

By Falco Schaffrath

Locus Map Tasker PluginLocus Map Tasker PluginLocus Map Tasker PluginLocus Map Tasker PluginLocus Map Tasker Plugin

An open source Tasker plugin for Locus Map.

It makes it in a position to embody Locus Map Add-On API in your Tasker duties.

To use this app you have to buy Locus Map and Tasker.


• request Data from Locus Map

• execute Locus Map actions

• lengthen Locus Map API with remaining elevation calculations for guiding

• common usage examples

• Ad-free

Tasker integration

• get statistics and sensor knowledge as Tasker Variables

• choose Locus Map actions to execute

Locus Map integration (restricted, partial implementation):

• run Tasker activity to select location

• share level with Tasker task

• share geocache with Tasker task

• share observe with Tasker task

• share a quantity of level with Tasker task

• begin Tasker task to create search result

• Tasker activity choice as operate button

More API capabilities will observe if you request them Request form:

Be cautious, this utility just isn't tested on more than one device. It will fail with none purpose should you did miss any precondition.

This plugin doesn't implement every a part of Locus Map API proper now as a result of I need to know the Tasker use-case to implement a proper translation from Locus API to Tasker. If you miss something, please share your Tasker venture ideas at my Github venture page to inform me. Project web page:

It is created for my personal use however I wish to share it to all people who like Tasker and won’t trouble with app compilation. It just isn't free because every Appstore does charge some money and I don’t wish to waste my time with implementing promoting into the app.

Example utilization in my personal Tasker projects:

• toogle dashboard with hardware buttons

• add remaining uphill elevation of track guiding as overlay

• translate pitch angle to slope and show as overlay

• middle map to gps position on customized velocity threshold

• computerized Locus Map screen lock as a substitute of android display screen lock

• proceed navigation to focus on with Google Maps

Add-on for software Locus Map

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