Associative Swipe

Associative Swipe

By Yurii Nesteruk

Associative SwipeAssociative SwipeAssociative SwipeAssociative SwipeAssociative Swipe

The app create a software button in the middle bottom of your screen and add a quantity of actions to this button.

The out there gestures are:

- Click

- Double click

- Long press

- Swipe up

- Swipe left

- Swipe right

- Swipe up left

- Swipe up right

- Swipe far up

- Swipe up then down

- Swipe left then back

- Swipe right then back

- Swipe up left then back

- Swipe up proper then back

You can invoke these actions with gestures:

- Back

- Home

- Recent apps

- Notification

- Quick Settings

- Power menu

- Split screen

- Lock screen

- Last app

- Next app

- Previous app

- Web search

- Volume panel

- Mode vibration

- Mode silent

- Sound settings

- Play next track

- Play previous track

- Handy tools panel

- Control panel

- Media buttons

- Voice command

- Launch camera

- Launch internet browser

- Launch assistant

- Launch app

- Apps panel

This app uses the Device Administrator permission:

- BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: solely used to lock device screen and turn off the display of your device

- CAMERA: to turn on flashlight

This app makes use of Accessibility service only for the next capabilities:

- Back

- Home

- Quick settings

- Recent apps

- Split screen

- Power dialog

- Show notifications panel

- Lock screen

- Take a screenshot

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