DashMeterPro for rF2

DashMeterPro for rF2


DashMeterPro for rF2DashMeterPro for rF2DashMeterPro for rF2

DashMeterPro for rF2 implements specific features and widgets based on the information despatched by the PC simulators rFactor 1™ and rFactor 2™ and others titles with the same engine. It has been designed to communicate with a low latency through WiFi.

• Specific features and widgets:

Tires information (temperature, outside/Middle/Inside temperature, pressure, wear), brakes temperature, LEDs bar for racing flags (checkered, inexperienced, yellow, black flags), weather information (ambient temperature, rain severity), observe temperature and on path grip, reside delta time, session remaining/elapsed time/laps, DRS/Flap standing, actual time automobiles observe positions, real time difference with the drivers in entrance and behind you (Race) and the best lap time of the drivers in entrance an behind you (practice, qualify) and particular fuel calculations.

• Classic widgets:

Gear indicator, RPM, speed, Position, Best/Last lap time, self cut up time, lap number, Water/Oil temperature, gasoline, clock, G-Force meter, throttle/brake indicator.

• Other features:

- Analog dials with computerized scale, a quantity of types and warning thresholds.

- User interface editor.

- Customizable RPM LEDs Bar.

- Two further LEDs Bar can be found to display the throttle/brake position, the RPM and the DRS standing.

- Shift Light: Flash on screen, Automatic/Manual threshold and color settings.

- Fuel Calculations: Consumption per Lap, Projected Laps, Fuel Needed to Finish and Fuel to Add to Finish.

- Braking Statistics: Distance, time, pace in/out, G-force avg/max.

- Engine Power and Torque estimations (experimental): Based on speed, RPM, weight, wheel radius, SCx and G-forces.

- Warnings for low gas, water/oil temp, and delta time.

- Live and Logged Telemetry: evaluate any parameters in real-time with one of many saved laps.

The following information are recorded:

Speed, RPM, Gear, throttle/brake positions, steering angle, Tires temperature, Tires strain, Ride height, G-Forces.

Units available:

Mph/Kmh ; °C/°F ; psi/kPa/bar ; L/gal

The installation instructions are available on www.sensadigit.com

DashMeterPro is NOT an official software program of Image Space Incorporated™. the names rFactor 1, rFactor 2 are used for identification functions only. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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