React Native XMRig

React Native XMRig

By Garry Lachman Apps

React Native XMRigReact Native XMRigReact Native XMRigReact Native XMRigReact Native XMRig

* All crypto miners are automaticly flagged as viruses, please don't panic.

React Native App that uses optimized model of XMRig (XMR Monero Minner) to run on cell. Using MoneroOcean auto switching algo to mine essentially the most profit coin and payout as XMR (Monero).

The App displays stats from the miner process pull personal stats from MoneroOcean pool.

Support different CPU Algorithms like: rx/arg, cn-heavy, astrobwt, rx/graft, cn-pico, cn/r, cn/half, argon2/chukwav2, panthera, rx/0. The algos up to date each version in accordance support of XMRig and MoneroOcean.


* Benchmark totally different cash algos to create personal most profit algos to mine

* Miner tab stats: Miner state, Algo, Hashrate histogram, Hashrate (last 10sec, last 60sec, final 15min max hashrate), Accepted shares, Current Difficult, Avg time for share, Threads, Free mem, Res. mem.

* Pool tab stats: Raw hashrate histogram, Payout hashrate histogram, Num of shares, Total Hashes, Total due steadiness, Total paid, Number of transcations.

* Log tab: Real Time miner output (stdout) log.

* Other tab: CPU Brand, Arch, AES, AVX2, 64Bit, MSR, Backend Assembly.

* Settings tab: Update pockets address with validation, History of address with choice to reuse old address.

* Dark and Light theme

* Theme (UI) Mode:

1. Advanced Mode - give consideration to knowledge over ui, present all data/stats

2. Simple Young - concentrate on ui over data, you and minimal UI.

The challenge is released as Open Source on Github -

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