StLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-Link

StLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-Link

By Yaroslav Trymbach

StLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-LinkStLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-LinkStLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-Link

Flashloader for some stm32 CPU.

Using this application you probably can program stm32 CPU by ST-Link programmer.

Your system should assist USB-OTG

Supported stm32 family

- STM32F05x/F030x8

- STM32F07x

- STM32F10xx Medium-density

- STM32F2xx

- STM32F301x4-x6-x8/F302x4-x6-x8/F318xx

- STM32F401xE

- STM32F405xx/407xx

- STM32F415xx/417xx

- STM32F74x/F75x

- STM32L05x/L06x/L010

- STM32L100x8/L15xx8

- STM32L43x

- STM32L4Rx/L4Sx

- STM32G0x1

- STM32G47x/G48x

Supported firmware file format

- Intel Hex

- Motorola S-record

- Raw binary

StLinkP - Stm32 firmware updater via St-Link Tags
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