Port Authority - Port Scanner

Port Authority - Port Scanner

By Aaron Wood

Port Authority - Port ScannerPort Authority - Port ScannerPort Authority - Port ScannerPort Authority - Port ScannerPort Authority - Port Scanner

A handy methods and security-focused tool, Port Authority is a really fast port scanner. Port Authority also allows you to rapidly discover hosts on your network and will show useful network details about your system and different hosts.

One of the fastest port scanners with host discovery on the market! Host discovery is typically performed in lower than 5 seconds. If the device you're scanning drops packets, it takes about 10 seconds to scan a thousand ports. If the gadget you're scanning rejects packets, it takes less than 30 seconds to scan all 65,535 ports!


* Heavily threaded, no extra waiting for outcomes one at a time

* LAN host discovery

* Public IP discovery

* MAC address vendor detection

* LAN/WAN host TCP port scanning

* Custom port range scans

* Open found HTTP(S) companies to browser

* Lightweight service fingerprinting (SSH/HTTP(S) server kind and version)

* DNS report lookups supporting nearly each record type

* Wake-on-LAN for LAN hosts

How are scans so fast?

This application makes heavy use of threading. Because many of the operations carried out are I/O sure much more threads can be used than the variety of cores on a device. In reality, one of the intensive elements of the appliance is updating the UI throughout scans. This has gone via many optimizations but still remains a little bit of a hotspot.

I have a lower finish and/or older gadget, will this work?

Absolutely! Just lower the variety of threads which are used for port scans within the settings. I'm at all times engaged on enhancing the effectivity and reminiscence footprint of the applying, and things have been tremendously improved for the explanation that unique version!

I maintain getting crashes when scanning a large range of ports

The crash is more than likely an out of reminiscence exception that is occurring because of utilizing too many threads. Lower your port scan thread rely within the settings. The proper worth shall be highly dependent on the gadget and its hardware.

I'm getting a warning that says this software is attempting to ship email

A few customers have reported that a warning pops up on their device, warning them that this utility is attempting to send mail. This is brought on by numerous safety software program so you may be assured (or just have a glance at the code yourself) that I'm not sending mail.

Some safety software program seems at the place visitors is coming and going from the system and takes sure actions for certain circumstances. If you are operating any type of port scan that features port 25 (SMTP) it will most likely be flagged. Even though no information is being despatched to that port the safety software program will see an outbound connection to an SMTP service and throw up a warning. Obviously this may be a very unhealthy verify however some safety instruments are better than others and may very well search for knowledge flowing out to port 25 to see if there's really something occurring.

I'm not discovering a number of the hosts/devices on my LAN

If you are discovering that some devices aren't responding in time you want to enhance the host scan timeout setting, just remember that it'll cause host scans to take longer. In some instances it could be worth buying and selling time for accuracy.

I'm not finding open ports that I know are truly open

You can now adjust the timeout for connections made to ports when performing either LAN or WAN scans. If you are scanning one thing over WAN (mobile network when you're utilizing a cell phone) please bear in mind that scanning is greatest effort. Mobile carriers may detect that a real port scan is occurring and apply visitors shaping dynamically, or they could just begin terminating the connections totally. Additionally, if you happen to have poor signal or to not have 4G the standard of the community connection could also be so poor that you will need to have a fairly excessive timeout so as to tolerate latency spikes.

Do you just like the application? Consider purchasing the donate model https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aaronjwood.portauthority.donate

This software is 100% free and open source https://github.com/aaronjwood/PortAuthority

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