By Spectensys


This is an easy proportion calculator which lets you:

- Calculate the share, the share increase and percentage lower of a quantity, multi function single operation.

- Calculate the percentage change between two numbers.

- Consult current operations in order to view or evaluate the outcomes of the percentages that you've calculated. The final 5 operations are temporarily saved, they are going to be misplaced the second you turn off your gadget or when the system clears its reminiscence.

- Results are rounded to 2 decimals.

- Two themes, you possibly can choose a light-weight (default) or a darkish theme within the Settings menu.

- Increase the font dimension for operations and leads to the Settings menu.

Percentage calculators can help you calculate gross sales costs and discounts, add VAT to a web amount or substract VAT from a gross quantity and so forth.


- None.

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