Offline Notepad

Offline Notepad

By Gino Basiletti

Offline NotepadOffline NotepadOffline NotepadOffline NotepadOffline Notepad

Offline notepad is strictly what it says on the tin: A notepad which operates completely offline. No server syncs or knowledge loss if you overlook the login credentials to your account! Main features include:

Creating Content:

1- Create as many notes as you want, and seek for them by title or anything within the observe body to search out them again at ease.

2- Create write your weekly shopping list or anything else with the devoted list creation function. Add as many gadgets as you like! Check off gadgets, filter by complete/incomplete gadgets see your progress at ease with a progress percentage bar!

3- Organise your notes lists into folders and sub-folders, create as many folders as you want - as many layers deep as you want also!

4- Revisit previous revisions/edits of a note/list to see the historical past of that merchandise. You may also replace the present model of that note or listing with an older model of it.

Convenience Utility:

5- A completely uninterrupted person experience: no videos or adverts in any shape or form! The app is 100 percent free merely accepts donations for these who adore it sufficient to help it. Simple!

6- Lock the app to portrait (default) or panorama so you can use it on telephones tablets alike!

7- Flag and spotlight your favoured notes to make them stand out from the rest. Organise kind them all by both dragging dropping or by alphabetical order.

Security Backup:

8- Protect your notes by organising an app PIN fingerprint unlocking throughout the app.

9- Export import your items to your self throughout gadgets by following the export/import course of throughout the app. As that is an offline notepad, the export/import process is done by emailing your data to yourself. Your exported gadgets are encrypted by default.


10- Reskin the whole look of your app from a variety of themes! Choose from ‘panda white’, ‘dark mode’ ‘rich red’ just to call a few!

11- Resize the textual content all through the entire app to raised fit your visual wants.

Offline notepad is completely free your notes, lists and folders are solely saved within the app itself. There aren't any limitations on how many items you can create or what number of times you'll be able to edit your notes/lists.

This app is up to date regularly with brand new features, fixes improvements; and all of these changes are documented incessantly within the ‘News Updates’ section found from the house display screen within the app!

That's all there could be to it - pleased notice taking!

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