Internet Optimizer Pro: DNS

Internet Optimizer Pro: DNS

By Scoteam

Internet Optimizer Pro: DNSInternet Optimizer Pro: DNSInternet Optimizer Pro: DNS

What does Internet Optimizer do?

It is a special DNS changer application developed for Android units. It also compares many DNS servers, finds and connects to the fastest DNS service. During this course of, instantaneous delay (on the idea of ms) values ​​are used. Tested DNS servers are ordered by latency. Its primary purpose is to vary DNS. It is meant for users to make the fastest DNS connection without hassle.

What is the order of Internet Optimize and DNS Change?

1- Internet connection is checked.

2- There is a linked community type. (Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G)

3- The instantaneous delay of the normal connection is calculated. (Ping time)

4- DNS changer checks 17 completely different DNS providers based on prompt latency. (Pings a world server.)

5- DNS servers are sorted on the premise of their latency. (Sorted by ping time)

6- By configuring the quickest DNS server, a connection request is sent. (Note: A VPN connection permission request could additionally be shown to the user throughout this time.)

7- DNS connection is accomplished.

8- In the primary interface, the connected DNS server, Ping time, community type data are updated.

What is Ping Monitor and the way does it work?

This tool is a software that is constantly updated in a single nook of the screen, allowing the user to immediately see the ping time. It aims to let you know if there may be lag or lag while enjoying the game. It can be useful for gamers to follow in online video games. It is calculated by pinging a hub. The latency is predicated on the ping time. All network sorts are supported. This feature needs some permissions and web connection to work properly.

Some particular permissions wanted for DNS Change

These permissions are required for DNS change operation. We want these permissions to calculate ping occasions and learn community sort. Also, we need companies so that the DNS changer can run in the background.

Permissions required for Ping Monitor

Ping monitor wants show permission on other shows. An web connection is required for this service to work correctly.

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