FTP Server

FTP Server

By Pieter Pareit

FTP ServerFTP ServerFTP Server

This program permits you to run an ftp server on your android device. This signifies that any other computer/device can entry the recordsdata on your android gadget while the ftp server is working. For example, coming into 'ftp://...' within the firefox url bar will allow you to browse the information in your device from a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

By default, the user title and password are both 'ftp', you should change them. You use this person title and password when accessing the server.

For energy and security causes, it is suggested that the server be stopped after use.


* Complete and efficient FTP Server

* Can read/write inner reminiscence and likewise exterior storage (see advanced settings)

* Implements advanced FTP features like UTF8, MDTM and MFMT

* Implements Bonjour/DNS-SD for simple service discovery

* Can routinely connect on chosen wifi networks (work/home/...)

* Can be started/stopped by Tasker or Locale, is thus additionally a Tasker/Locale plug-in

* Anonymous login potential (with restricted rights for security)

* Configuration of chroot listing possible (default sdcard)

* Configuration of port attainable (default 2121)

* Possible to maintain running while display screen off

* Runs on local network, even when tethering (phone is the entry point)

* Has public intents to help scripting:

- be.ppareit.swiftp.ACTION_START_FTPSERVER

- be.ppareit.swiftp.ACTION_STOP_FTPSERVER

* Follows Material interface pointers, looks good on phone/tablet/tv/...

* Uses notification to remind consumer that the server is running

* Easy starting/stopping server from settings

* Has widget to ease starting/stopping server

The server is completely implemented in the app itself, it does not use an external library. It offers the very best performance on android to run. Some superior features like UTF8, MDTM and MFMT are implemented. Though the underlying file system must assist them.

The Bonjour/DNS-SD support is very handy if the client os and it is file manager also helps the protocols. In this fashion, the second you begin the ftp server on the android system, you will discover it on the network folder of your desktop.

A lot of users requested if it was possible to automatically start the server when the android gadget was working. We discovered that it was extra helpful to routinely start the server after we are linked to certain wifi networks. This has the same impact and may be very helpful, for instance when you arrive house, begin your ftp server. We then went even additional and we added support for Tasker or Locale. The individuals who prefer to script some use case for there system can thus easily do that.

Logical settings are available, like you'll have the ability to as an example set anonymous login and configure chroot and port. A minor group of customers have some special use cases. For instance working the server while tethering or operating the server from the ethernet cable. All those are possible and we're open for extra enhancements.

The design follows the official tips. You can make certain that the interface and the brand's look good in your gadget. We additionally make it easy to regulate the server, using notifications or widgets the place needed.

FTP Server is open source software released beneath the GPL v3.

Code: https://github.com/ppareit/swiftp

Issues: https://github.com/ppareit/swiftp/issues?state=open

Current maintainer: Pieter Pareit.

Initial improvement: Dave Revell.

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