Stylish Calculator - CALCU™

Stylish Calculator - CALCU™

By Designer Calculators

Stylish Calculator - CALCU™Stylish Calculator - CALCU™Stylish Calculator - CALCU™

Express your type with the free calculator made just for you. Choose a colorful, trendy theme to brighten your day whilst you calculate with ease at no cost.

CALCU™ is a breeze to make use of for everyday calculations, with all of the scientific capability you need for work and college only a swipe away. And in your most demanding wants, CALCU™ lets you add or remove the capabilities and constants you have to make the right calculator designed by you, for you.

The Droid Lawyer charges CALCU™ 4.5 out of 5, calling it “a nice substitute for Android’s stock calculator”... and we couldn’t agree more!

CALCU™ presents all of the common and scientific calculator features in a easy, trendy and easy-to-use app. Download the right calculator for free today!


★ Try our new Material theme!

★ Beautiful and intuitive interface with gesture based mostly management and navigation

★ See instant results of your calculations as you enter them

★ Swipe up on the keypad to reveal scientific keypad

★ Swipe down on the show to see calculation history

★ Support for Samsung Multi Window

★ Show memory keys option

★ Swipe up on the scientific keypad to customize it

★ Create user-defined constants

★ Choose between simple and full keypad layout

★ Choose from a range of stylish themes

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