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Smart ToolsSmart ToolsSmart ToolsSmart ToolsSmart Tools

Smart Tools® is the whole package of 6 particular person apps. It has 6 sets below for a complete of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One.

★★★ The second packaged version (Smart Tools 2) was newly released. This app (Smart Tools) will continue to be updated, but we strongly recommend that new users purchase the model new model. ★★★

Set 1. Smart Ruler Pro : size, angle, slope, degree, thread

Set 2. Smart Measure Pro : distance, peak, width, area

Set 3. Smart Compass Pro : compass, metallic detector, GPS

Set 4. Sound Meter Pro : sound meter, vibrometer

Set 5. Smart Light Pro : flashlight, magnifier, mirror

Set 6. Unit Converter : unit

For more info, watch YouTube video and go to the blog.

I hope my apps are useful to your SMART Life. Thank you.

* It is a one-time payment. The app worth is charged only once.

** This app just isn't compatible with the devices with no compass sensor (e.g Moto G4, Galaxy J, Galaxy TabA ...).

** Off-line assist: You can open this app with none connection. After installation, open the app 1-2 instances with your device hook up with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

** This app doesn't include Map and Exchange charges because of the lack of internet access.

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