Pressure Altimeter

Pressure Altimeter

By Edward Falk

Does what it says on the tin. This is a primary barometric stress altimeter. Uses your Android gadget's built-in barometer to implement a standard stress altimeter. Only works on units with barometers.

Great for hikers or anyone else who wish to know their elevation.

No ads. No spyware. No nonsense.


Go to settings and set your most popular models: toes or meters; inches of mercury or millibars.

Find out the native altimeter setting (pilots can get this from the closest airport). This will look something like 29.ninety two (inches of mercury) or 1013 (millibars). Touch the show to bring up the Kollsman window. Set this to the native altimeter setting on the left. Now you merely look at the display. Altitude is displayed numerically on the left, and through the three arms. The very skinny hand ending with a triangle represents 10,000 ft (or meters), the short fats hand is 1,000 ft, and the long hand is a hundred toes. You read it just about like a clock.

If you don't know the local altimeter setting, use 29.ninety two.

OR, if you understand your altitude and need to find the altimeter setting, use the Kollsman window and simply enter your altitude on the proper.

This is what is understood in aviation as a delicate altimeter, that means that altitude is calibrated based mostly on a sea-level reference stress. Touch the altimeter face to deliver up the Kollsman adjustment window. Enter the current sea-level pressure (altimeter setting) to calibrate the altimeter. OR, enter the known local elevation to get the altimeter setting.

See Wikipedia for extra details about sensitive altimeters and how they're used: Aviation altimeter settings could be obtained from aviation weather reviews (see and airport information broadcasts ( when you have an aircraft-band radio.

Pro-tip: use the Kollsman window to set the local elevation to zero, to get the native barometric stress.

Preferences permit you to select altitude (meters or feet), pressure units (inches mercury or millibars), screen orientation, and keep screen on.

Not approved for aviation use. Compare to a real altimeter before you even think of using this, even as a backup.

Privacy coverage: this app by no means collects personal knowledge of any type and it by no means even connects to the web. It doesn't display ads.

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