KingDraw Pro HD

KingDraw Pro HD

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KingDraw Pro HDKingDraw Pro HDKingDraw Pro HDKingDraw Pro HDKingDraw Pro HD

KingDraw Pro HD is a special version for android pill users. There can be a KingDraw chemical construction editor for KingDraw cellular customers. Both can be found in Google Play.

KingDraw Pro HD is an expert chemical drawing editor that permits customers to sketch molecules and reactions as properly as natural chemistry objects and pathways. Users also can use it to foretell compound property, convert chemical buildings to IUPAC names, view 3D fashions, etc.

KingDraw Pro HD, as will provide strong software program support for chemical research, extra chemical-related capabilities, and new construction drawing modes to connect Android IOS devices and PC, realizing speedy transformation from KingDraw to Office, ChemDraw, and film. And finally, you'll build an all-platform chemical construction system by way of your KingDraw cloud account.

A good thought can change the world. KingDraw Pro HD will document all of your inspirations. Just enjoy creation. KingDraw Pro HD, knowledgeable molecule drawing software program, creates a particular workstation for chemists!

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Main Features:

Top-speed drawing

Many powerful functions, like picture recognition, real-time 3D modeling, IUPAC names, chemical structures conversion, structure looking out, chemical property evaluation, intelligent gesture drawing, cleaning up, etc.

Multi-terminal synchronization

Get and share your recordsdata from your Android devices, PC, or some other units you utilize. No matter where you're, use the KingDraw cell app to keep you productive and work together. KingDraw Cloud makes it simple to deal with your recordsdata if you're out.

Multi-format compatibility

Easily saved as a number of file formats commonly used in chemical drawing software, for example, cdx, mol, SMILES, and so on. It additionally supports drawing standards like ACS 1996.

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