GPS Waypoints

GPS Waypoints

By Bluecover Technologies

GPS WaypointsGPS WaypointsGPS WaypointsGPS WaypointsGPS Waypoints

Multi-purpose mapping and surveying software for both professional and private use. The tool is efficacious in several skilled land-based surveying actions, including agriculture, forest management, infrastructure maintenance (e.g. roads and electrical networks), city planning real estate and emergencies mapping. It can be used for personal outside activities, similar to climbing, operating, strolling, travelling and geocaching.

The application collects Points (such as factors of interest) and Paths (sequence of points) to carry out mapping and surveying activities. The Points, which would possibly be acquired with accuracy information, may be categorised by the user with specific tags or characterised with pictures. The Paths are created as a temporal sequence of newly acquired Points (e.g. to report a track) or alternatively with present Points (e.g to create a route). Paths permits to measure distances and, if closed, types Polygons that enables the willpower of areas and perimeters. Both Points and Paths can be exported to a KML, GPX and CSV file and thus be processed externally with a geospatial tool.

The software uses the internal GPS receiver from the cellular device (typically with accuracies 3m) or, alternatively, allows skilled users attaining better accuracies with a Bluetooth external GNSS receiver compatible with NMEA stream format (e.g. RTK receivers with centimeter stage precision). See beneath some examples of the exterior receivers supported.

The application contains the following options:

- Acquire current place with accuracy and navigation information;

- Provide details of the lively and visual satellites (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU and other);

- Create Points with accuracy information, classify them with Tags, attach pictures and convert coordinates right into a human-readable handle (reverse geocoding);

- Import Points from geographic coordinates (lat, long) or by trying to find a road address/point of interest (geocoding);

- Create Paths by acquiring sequences of factors manually or mechanically;

- Import Paths from present Points;

- Create survey's themes with customized Tags for classifing Points and Paths

- Get instructions and distances from present position to Points and Paths utilizing a magnetic or gps compass;

- Export Points and Paths to KML and GPX file format;

- Share knowledge with different functions (e.g. Dropbox/Google Drive);

- Configure positioning source for the internal receiver or utilizing an exterior receiver.

The Premium subscription include the next skilled features:

- Backup and restore user's data (it additionally allows switch knowledge from one handset to another);

- Export Waypoints and Paths to CSV file format;

- Export Waypoints with photographs to KMZ file

- Import multiple Points and Paths from CSV and GPX recordsdata;

- Sort and filter Points and Paths by creation time, identify and proximity;

- Satellite signal evaluation and interferences detection.

The Maps characteristic is an extra paid funcionality that allows choosing and visualizing your Points, Paths and Polygons on Open Street Maps.

Additionally to the inner cellular receiver, the present model is understood to work with the following exterior receivers: Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor; Garmin Glo; Navilock BT-821G; Qstarz BT-Q818XT; Trimple R1; ublox F9P.

If you efficiently examined the appliance with one other external receiver please provide us your suggestions as a user or manufacturer in order to extend this list.

For further data verify our site ( and get the details of our full provide:

- Free and Premium options (

- GISUY Receivers (

- Enterprise (

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