Data Usage Hotspot - NeoData

Data Usage Hotspot - NeoData

By Neozomii

Data Usage Hotspot - NeoDataData Usage Hotspot - NeoDataData Usage Hotspot - NeoDataData Usage Hotspot - NeoDataData Usage Hotspot - NeoData

NeoData shows the quantity of knowledge used, simple and correct with just one click on as a substitute of logging in to My Operator App

Mobile Hotspot Usage Monitor:

✔ Keep track of your hotspot utilization with out having to log into Operator account.

✔ Set Limits for Mobile Hotspot utilization. Track hotspot utilization and share your web at home consciously.

Control your wireless knowledge plan:

✔ Exclude free apps(zero rated apps) from the counter knowledge plan.

✔ Data Tracker: Monitor your knowledge utilization on cell, Wi-Fi, roaming, 3G, 4G.

✔ Data plan usage: Set up alarms for the utilization of your plan.

✔ Widget of Real time plan utilization on process bar and display.

✔ Daily Data Usage indicators

Dual SIM telephones help Android 6-9. (Support removed by Google on Android 10)

✔ Dual SIM App. You can management every plan individually. Manage each SIM knowledge utilization, for instance, you'll have the ability to separate your phone invoice based on your wants: business/personal; For travellers; International SIM/local SIM; Prepaid/Pospaid and so on.

Monitor your network coverage.

✔ Shows to the operators when and the place community downtime and cellular internet issues are taking place. Works for Vodafone, ATT, Cricket, Movistar, Verizon.

Screen Time. Usage Phone.

✔ Monitor and get actual time stories on how much time you spend on your smartphone and in your favourite apps. Phone Usage and digital detox.

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