Scientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphs

Scientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphs

By Pierfrancesco Soffritti

Scientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphsScientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphsScientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphsScientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphsScientific Calculator - matrix, conversion, graphs

One Calculator key options:

● Scientific calculator, with calculation historical past and RPN mode

● Graphing calculator

● Unit converter

● Number base converter

● Matrix calculator

● Material Design and ease of use

One Calculator is suitable for fixing simple common calculus and more complicated mathematical calculations.

Detailed function listing:

● Basic Arithmetic

● Definite integrals

● Trigonometry (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan)

● Complex numbers

● RPN calculations (Reverse Polish notation/postfix notation)

● Graphs for X,Y equations

● Measurement unit conversion

● Conversion between decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary

● Matrix calculus

● Intreactive chronology of operations

● Specialized warning of errors

● Support for pill and smartphone

● Themes

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