Battlevoid: Classic

Battlevoid: Classic

By Bugbyte

Battlevoid: ClassicBattlevoid: ClassicBattlevoid: ClassicBattlevoid: ClassicBattlevoid: Classic

Commander! Admiral Geezer needs your assist in this sci-fi house tower protection sport. An unknown entity is attacking earth and you might be known as upon to take command of Earths finest protection, the Battlestation. Battlevoid: Classic is one of the best space tower defense game on the market, do not miss your likelihood to play this addictive space strategy game! And keep in mind to obtain the massive brother Battlevoid: First Contact as properly.

How to play:

* Simply improve your Battlestation after every wave to defend in opposition to the subsequent one.

* Set your fighter pilot ways and extra to destroy your enemies.


* Wave after wave of incoming threats

* Epic boss fights that leave you shaking

* Many different upgrades to your Battlestation

* Rogue-like play, every game is different with random elements and permadeath!

* Stunning graphics and clean game play

Battlevoid is an incredible space combat simulator. Fight wave after wave of intruding aliens and save humanity. Are you ready for the battle of your lifetime?

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