Fall of Reich - WW2 Allied Siege

Fall of Reich - WW2 Allied Siege

By Game Objects

Fall of Reich - WW2 Allied SiegeFall of Reich - WW2 Allied SiegeFall of Reich - WW2 Allied SiegeFall of Reich - WW2 Allied SiegeFall of Reich - WW2 Allied Siege

This tower protection game is a sequel of Concrete Defense - WWII Tank TD, this time gamers shall act as German commander to defeat Allied Forces' invasion. Hurry up, build bunkers to defend your basecamp, destroy the invaders, do not let them retreat!


☆ Strong environment of WWII - stunning graphics and excellent sound results.

☆ forty well designed maps primarily based on historic events of WWII.

☆ Enjoy the countless fun.

☆ Interactive battle zones with the open path.

☆ 20 types of nicely designed enemy units primarily based on historic WWII tanks and bombers, corresponding to Soviet T34 medium tank, Soviet KV1 heavy tank, Panzer III tank, Tiger tank, USA Sherman tank, B-29 bomber, HS-129 bomber, and so forth.

☆ 6 forms of nicely designed bunkers, Machine-Gun Bunker, AntiTank Bunker with cannon, Radar Bunker, AntiAircraft Bunker, Flame Thrower Bunker and Fire Support Bunker with mortar, howitzer and rockets. Each Bunker has 3 upgradable turrets.

☆ Free combination of all turrets.

☆ 2 recreation modes: Campaign Endless. Campaign mode contains 4 campaigns and 40 missions.

☆ 9 forms of props to make the game extra fun, deploy landmine, call bomber for carpet bombing, call artillery assist, Sandbag, Armor, RepairKit, Barricades, Dragon Teeth, Bazooka, and Enemy Unit Converter.

☆ Famous battles in WWII are recreated, together with DDay (Normandy Landing - Operation Overlord), Battle of North Africa, Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Berlin, and extra.

Thanks All !!

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