Age of Dynasties: Medieval War

Age of Dynasties: Medieval War

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Age of Dynasties: Medieval WarAge of Dynasties: Medieval WarAge of Dynasties: Medieval WarAge of Dynasties: Medieval WarAge of Dynasties: Medieval War

Be the king in this free strategy game offline.

Reign your medieval kingdom with strategy, construct mighty strongholds, have interaction in epic battle simulator, defeat enemies civilizations and broaden your kingdom to a wonderful empire.

Be the King: construct your empire, besieges strongholds, interact in political intrigue, defeat enemies civilizations in epic wars unleashing your armies and lead your dynasty to glory.

Rewrite the historical past of the Middle Ages while, turn after turn, sitting on the throne of the kingdom you'll have to play the position of a King or Queen while making strategic choices regarding: royal weddings, alliances, wars and crusades, nice battles, colonization of recent territory, political intrigues.

Your grace, brace your self for an age of complete wars during medieval time, command crusades versus empires that will refuse to be your vassal or will attack your throne kingdom.

Experience the king's glory within the Middle Ages on this epic turn primarily based strategy RPG game. Strategically choose the heirs to the throne to rise your dynasty and have a grand and prosperous empire.


- KING SIMULATOR: sit on the throne, be the King of your medieval kingdom on this offline technique game!

- STRATEGY GAME OFFLINE: single player empire simulation with hundreds of epic occasions in medieval europe since 476 AD to 1492 AD, from crusader kings to darkish ages. Plan the Europe colonization with tactics on this free and offline recreation.

- MEDIEVAL RPG: like Arthur the conqueror King of Avalon, summon the lords and knights around your throne. Choose the best techniques and strategies to conquer different civilizations by listening to your generals, diplomats, spies and ambassadors.

- EMPIRE SIMULATION: build your personal stronghold where to develop your dynasty, forge swords, alliances and rise the grand empire in a medieval europe managing at greatest your cities. Choose buildings in your cities and make them thrive, from small villages to majestic medieval cities.

- MEDIEVAL STRATEGY TBS: plan the world domination on your king's throne whereas each sport flip you do the best for your civilization and dynasty, use heirs with strategy within the middle ages.

- TOTAL WAR: conquest the Middle Ages and wage war across Europe or the world! Face enemy reigns in great wars! Command epic battles in an attractive battle simulator by applying army strategies.

- FAMILY DYNASTY: total control over your heirs, choose appearance, traits and talents of kings and queens of your dynasty

- WORLD CONQUEST: become a great conqueror, select the best technique to beat other reigns leading your armies in wars or forging legendary alliances, be an invincible defender of your stronghold.

- INNOVATIVE GAME OF KINGS. Age of Dynasties has merged four greatest gameplay: civilizations wars and conquest video games, flip based technique (CIV, 4x, TBS), king simulator (RPG) and empire constructing games.

Yes, your grace, when you get pleasure from empire games offline and medieval technique, Age of Dynasties, won't disappoint your expectations!

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