Train Go - Railway Simulator

Train Go - Railway Simulator

By monois Inc.

Train Go - Railway SimulatorTrain Go - Railway SimulatorTrain Go - Railway SimulatorTrain Go - Railway SimulatorTrain Go - Railway Simulator

Select the desired rail and join it.

Just faucet to lay rails.

Create a railway with elevated rails, forking rails, and so on., as you need.

Create a railway on your favorite prepare or bullet practice and train your creativeness and creativity.

Great fun to run a practice on a railway you created, and an excellent sense of accomplishment!

Add prepare stations and tunnels to customise it. Then run trains on it!


Tap the screen to add the desired rail.

Tap the arrow within the course you need to lay the rail. Very simple to lay rails.

Tap on a background half to add buildings and bushes wherever you need.

After constructing the railway, faucet on the Put Train button and choose a train!

You can add and delete trains and change the running course.

After you're done, faucet the Start Train button to begin operating the train.

When the train approaches a fork, use the following Fork button to switch the train's path.

Camera Mode

Press to zoom in.

Press - to zoom out.

Press the arrow to alter the digicam angle.

Train tracking: Press ON to trace a train.

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