MySizeID - Measure Perfect Fit

MySizeID - Measure Perfect Fit

By My Size

MySizeID - Measure Perfect FitMySizeID - Measure Perfect FitMySizeID - Measure Perfect Fit

Love purchasing for garments online? Hate guessing sizes in numerous stores? Tired of sending back mistaken sizes? Discover your excellent fit and neglect about checkout hesitations.

If your favourite on-line shop is utilizing MySizeID, you’re in luck! Download the app, follow our quick and straightforward measurement process (it’s a one-time process that takes only a few minutes), and immediately receive your perfectly fitting measurement for every merchandise you store.

*** How do I use MySizeID? ***

Step 1: obtain the app

Step 2: use it to measure yourself with your phone

Step 3: choose the shop or brand you wish to shop

Step 4: discover which sizes fit your needs perfectly!

*** Aren’t all sizes the same? ***

No. Actually, they’re not. You’ve most likely noticed this already, however you is normally a Medium in one retailer and a Large in another. Different brands use completely different sizing charts with different measurements, depending on the place they’re from in the world and their local audiences. That’s why a lot of online shops supply measurement tables that can assist you discover your dimension on you personal. Helpful? Not actually. When was the final time you had a measuring tape with you if you noticed the highest of your desires during your morning commute? Or at work? Or anywhere MySizeID solves this drawback – and tons of extra:

* MySizeID measures with your phone, so it’s with you in any respect times

* Measure yourself once and save your knowledge to see your sizes for any model your browse later on

* We don’t use cameras or estimate your size based on photographs (so don’t fear about sending in physique photos) – your measurements are taken with a novel patented algorithm that uses your phone’s sensors

* Once we’ve created your personal sizing ID, you ought to use it in any store that offers MySizeID – you’ll see your instructed sizes, based on your perfect fit, wherever you browse

* Enjoy every parcel you get! When you’re certain about your size, you'll find a way to shop without a care on the earth, knowing that everything will match (so you won’t need to put your frowny face on and use that return shipment sticker…)

At the end of the day, who really cares should you order a Medium, a Large, or an X-Large? Those labels don’t imply a lot these days. We just want to assist you to discover the objects that match and look great on you! So, let’s forget about these measurement charts and take a glance at what really matters – personal measurements for an ideal match.

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