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Avenger Legends


Avenger LegendsAvenger LegendsAvenger LegendsAvenger LegendsAvenger Legends

Avenger Legends is a unique mobile strategy game that covers rich and variable features, together with hero collecting, camp choosing, strategic deployment, and gear improve. It is straightforward but it incorporates deep technique and therefore offers an thrilling gaming expertise. Download the sport and join us now!

Join the world of Avenger Legends, select heroes, deploy formation, work out methods, construct powerful teams, and lead your group within the epic war! Compete for the top rank of the dominion and earn your honor and glory!

★Unique hero gameplay and various combat experiences★

All heroes have their distinctive fight skills and assault kinds, which leads to completely different gaming experience with totally different heroes. No matter utilizing AOE in instances, or high ATK in duels, you'll be invincible only if you make good use of the hero's advantages and drawbacks.

★Offline combat and easy accessibility to legendary treasures★

You can dispatch group of heroes for auto battle, who shall be return periodically to get the trophy. Even when you're offline, your heroes may proceed combating upon your order. A sea of loots is a couple of taps away!

★Team work and fair duel★

Join guild, team up with pals, work out methods, and defeat evil guild boss. You also can upgrade guild technology, prepare heroes, and develop your team. Meanwhile, you can have a fair duel, compete with players from all round the world, enjoy real-time fight, defeat all enemies, and climb up the leaderboard!

★Various situations make your gaming experience exciting★

On the magical continent of Avenger Legends, you will take the key mission to save a chaotic continent, uncover mysterious crystals hiding deep in volcanoes, and obtain rich rewards in countless dungeons. In the meantime, mysterious oriental bounty missions require a good use of all your heroes. Embark on the struggle now!

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