*This game is still on OPEN BETA. Your recommendations are crucial to us. Please be at liberty to contact Official Fanpage if you have any idea to share ;)

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EZPZ Saga is an idle RPG with autofight and storytelling. Your squad will combat within the frontline nonstop and earn countless treasure for you, in the background of an epic multi-ethnic universe! Step into this fanciful world, glory and wealth await here!


● Gain>>>Offline Autofight, Online Gain fortune

Start or cease at will, set up your squad, that is all you have to do!

Your heroes will defeat enemies continually whether or not you may be online or not. Abundant rewards and experiences will be introduced again, providing you with surprises each time you log in! Don't worry concerning the rising challenge, the difficulty will be reduced every single day you wake up!

● Immerse>>>Immersed in Grand Tales

Travel in time to this incredible world with multi-ethnic stories!

The game producer was once an internet author. The epic world he created is a superior fiction with 150k characters, which delivering a novel and immersive gaming experience imperceptibly!

● Assemble>>>Gather Heroes Organize Tactics

100% gain all the SSS heroes and not using a penny!

Pick any legendary heroes as you like in this idle game filled with RPG elements: improve characters, gear selection, forge artifact, get together coordinate, techniques election... Come to construct your individual super squad and sweep away the tens of millions of enemy troops!

● Live>>>PVP Meets Live Streaming

Join the latest PVP model! Be the one you wish to be!

Choose to be the protagonist to duel fiercely or to be the viewers to applaud thrillingly! Live chat system makes it simpler for all the players to interact with one another in time, you'll be able to chat amusedly or ask for walkthroughs whereas playing!

● Explore>>>Innovative Gameplays Endless Novelty

Innovative gameplays make a fantastic figure!

Roguelike and idle are combined for the primary time, bringing extra tactical elements and novelties! Simulation, teaming, homeland farming and extra hidden functions could possibly be found as long as you go deep into the sport, offering completely different gaming experiences every single day!

【Background Story】

In 6700 of the Luminous Era a fantastic struggle erupted on the Revelation Plane. Decades after Shepherd Pontifex Adam summoned the Sinners and Wrathful Patriarch Samuel laid waste to the three armies, the Shepherds lastly bared their fangs. Fel Legions lead by Sinners marched out of their base in Everness, proceeding west where they destroyed the Elementals of Magic Valley, befouling the holy land as quickly as guarded by the god Arcana and reworking the Elementals into Lava Giants, Nightmares and different demonic creatures. The Sinner Legions then turned south and headed straight for Dragon Valley...

For more info:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EZPZSaga

Discord: https://discord.gg/8TpkQHT

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