War For The Seas: 1001 Nights

War For The Seas: 1001 Nights

By NetEase Games

War For The Seas: 1001 NightsWar For The Seas: 1001 NightsWar For The Seas: 1001 NightsWar For The Seas: 1001 NightsWar For The Seas: 1001 Nights

A pirate-themed open world sport, where you can increase your cranium flag to lead your fleet to defeat the enemies and dominate the raging seas!

War for the Seas is a pirate-themed sport of the good age of geographical discovery, the place you'll have the ability to select to play according to your preferred play fashion - Lead pirates into battle, sink enemy ships to plunder loot, step into unknown continents, hunt for mysterious treasures, pioneer new sea routes to earn large profits, or defend justice by looking pirates to earn bounties, or you'll be able to even fish idly by the sea.

Pirates, explorers, retailers - you're free to choose your personal identity and create your individual maritime legend.

Game Features

Realistic naval warfare

Real-time naval warfare system, where gamers navigate their ships by turning the rudder, whereas adjusting their cannons to aim and fireplace on the enemies, or smash them together with your ship’s ram. Ships undergo feedback and damage when attack for an added stage of realism. You can overcome disadvantages in energy with glorious technique and skilled maneuvering.

Pirate Raids

Plunder freely on the raging seas, and join ongoing pirate battles at any time. When you hoist a pirate flag, you can freely assault and plunder ships at sea. Become a lawless pirate and plunder nice treasures at sea.

Maritime Trade

Trade in additional than one hundred ports, every with its own goods and costs. Players can earn Ducats by trading between completely different ports. Each player’s purchase habits influences the prices of goods, so manage your trades properly, and capitalize on occasional price spikes to earn a fortune. But do watch out of pirates when taking part in as a merchant!

Exploration Treasure Hunting

Set foot on many mysterious lands, and explore the Pyramids, the African Grassland, the Amazon Rainforest and many different places, all of which have been meticulously recreated in 3D graphics. Set out and discover the misplaced countries to seek out forgotten treasures!

Realistic Navigation

During the voyage, gamers will see real day/night cycles and altering weather, while wind pace and currents additionally have an effect on the sailing pace of the ship. Steer the rudder to keep away from crashing into reefs, whereas additionally prepare sufficient supplies and cope with mutinies that might arise at any time.

Ship Selection

Battleships with many cannons, galleys with large cargo load, fast-moving exploration ships, Arabian ships with quick maneuvering or Oriental ships with heavy decks. The game offers dozens of ships from these 5 courses to choose from, so choose a ship that fits your play type, whereas assembling components to modify your ship to create your personal unique invincible warship!

Recruit Historical Pirate

Recruit well-known historical pirates like Blackbeard, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Hayreddine, and so forth. to become your powerful subordinates.

Occupy Ports

Invest your wealth earned through battles or trades into varied ports to earn titles, and even turn out to be the governor of a port. Build your wealth to command the various ports on the seas.

Chamber of Commerce Alliances

Form a Chamber of Commerce with your mates and complete Chamber of Commerce tasks to earn great rewards and benefits. Participate in the Chamber of Commerce War to turn out to be the claim the title of the strongest Chamber of Commerce on the seas.

Beautiful Companions

Countless beautiful girls await you on the resting spots of various ports, some light and lovable, some passionate and wild. Chat with them, send them flowers and ask them out for dates, and bring them back to your ship!

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