By Aliaksandr Uvarau


The enjoying subject consists of cells, some of them comprise trees.

The activity is to position tents on the sector adhering to the circumstances:

- the number of tents is the same as the variety of bushes;

- there should be a tent close to every tree: horizontally, vertically, but not diagonally;

- tents cannot stand facet by side, including diagonally;

- the number of tents in a row and column corresponds to the numbers indicated on the sides of the enjoying area;

- cells with no timber or tents should be full of inexperienced.

In our utility, we now have created 12,000 distinctive ranges with various levels of issue. If that is your first time taking part in Camping Puzzle, strive the primary newbie degree. Each issue stage incorporates 2000 distinctive ranges. Where stage 1 is the easiest and 2000 is the hardest. If you presumably can easily solve the 2000th level, attempt the primary degree of the following problem level.

Each degree has only one unique solution, each puzzle can be solved utilizing solely logical methods, without guessing.

Have a great time!

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