To Do List and Goal planner

To Do List and Goal planner

By Agnessa Studio

To Do List and Goal plannerTo Do List and Goal plannerTo Do List and Goal plannerTo Do List and Goal plannerTo Do List and Goal planner


- To Do List

- Goal planner

- Organizer

- Reminders

- Calendar

- Task list


- creating goals

- creating to-do list

- creating subtasks

- grouping tasks

- creating day tasks

- creating repeat tasks

- creating reminders

- creating widgets

- auto calculating progress

- working without internet


To-do list AgnessaMini allows to divide tasks and goal on wanted subtasks.

Divide world objectives and duties on small subtasks.

Big unclear goals and duties (the so-called elephants) cause a stupor and unwillingness to meet them.

When we divide a big activity or goal into small subtasks, we automatically find the motivation

to carry out these subtasks.


To-do listing AgnessaMini permits to group targets ans duties.

A lot of tasks for work?

Create a bunch Work and put all your tasks there.

The group routinely calculates the whole progress of its tasks.


TO DO LIST AgnessaMini helps o unload the head from the upcoming tasks

Just create a to-do record and add reminders so you do not miss any tasks.


Goal planner AgnessaMini allows to define your objectives and to create all steps for achieve them.

Just create goal and to divide her on process listing for larger effectivity.

For max quick obtain aim, to add widget with process list on house display screen your cellphone.

Thus, you will see your targets more often and your subconscious will work on ways to attain them.


Write down all of your tasks


s pomoshch'yu lopaty with the help of a organizer AgnessaMini.

For max organize your time full next actions:

1. Create task list

2. Add reminders

3. Create widget for to view created task list


ORGANIZER AgnessaMini allows you to create required number of reminders.

For any to-do you permit to add as much as 10 reminders.

You need to create reminder 1 day before the beginning of the task? Create him!


ORGANIZER AgnessaMini permits to create required variety of widgets for home display screen.

- You want to view activity listing for day? Create widget for duties on day.

- You want to view aim listing on residence screen? Create widget for aim record.

- You want to view subtask record for task? Create widget for this task.


To view your to-do listing and process record on day with the assistance of a calendar.

With the assistance of a calendar you'll can to open any day and to view accomplished activity record and uncompleted activity list.


To Do record AgnessaMini allow you to create repeat tasks.

You need go to the health club 3 times every week or to visit cosmetologist or you need to create some other repeat task?

Create repeat process, add reminder and see process progress in progress calendar.

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