South American Native Keyboard

South American Native Keyboard

By Dominik M. Ramík

South American Native KeyboardSouth American Native KeyboardSouth American Native KeyboardSouth American Native KeyboardSouth American Native Keyboard

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The South American Native Languages Keyboard app is an Android keyboard implementing special characters of South American native languages that use Latin-based alphabets. Its aim is to offer customers technique of writing their native languages and as such to promote the preservation and development of these languages and their cultures.

The keyboard provides familiar Spanish and Portuguese layouts and thus is usable for casual writing of Spanish and Portuguese too. On high of this it provides units of particular characters utilized in various native languages. Those characters are grouped under keys in accordance with graphical or phonetic resemblance and are accessible after lengthy press on the key. Long press on the Space bar brings forth the options, the place you can select your preferred keyboard layout and language to type.

Languages supported:


Aymara (dedicated keyboard)

Bolivian Guaraní (dedicated keyboard)




Guaraní (dedicated keyboard)

Guarayu (dedicated keyboard)





Ticuna and Mapuche




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