Samurai Calculator Pro

Samurai Calculator Pro

By TricolorCat

Samurai Calculator ProSamurai Calculator ProSamurai Calculator ProSamurai Calculator ProSamurai Calculator Pro

Samurai Calculator

Calculator designed with the picture of the Daimyos(feudal lords: a.okay.a. Sengoku Busho) from the Sengoku(warring states) period in Japan.


The initial launch version contains one Busho theme(Oda Nobunaga). More themes are deliberate to be gradually added with the future updates.

(*2015/01/19 - New Busho theme Takeda Shingen is added.)

(*2014/11/04 - New Busho theme Uesugi Kenshin is added.)

*This is an ad-free model of Samurai Calculator.


Samurai Calculator is not only a beautiful-looking calculator, however it's also easy-to-use and sensible.

(Designed and created by Japanese)


- Designed with the picture of the popular Japanese Sengoku Busho(Daimyos)

- Easy to make use of with large buttons to minimize errors

- Option to select from 3 keypad layouts (Standard / Stylish / Ergonomic)

- Themes based on the Japanese Sengoku Busho (*initial launch model contains solely Oda Nobunaga)

- Option to turn on/off vibration on touch

- Displays calculated expression

- Percentage calculation available

- Backspace button to delete the last digit to right a easy mistake

- Backspace button also can clear all by urgent and holding it

- Copies calculated outcome to clipboard by touching the display area

- Supports both portrait and landscape mode

- Displays operator symbols throughout calculation

- Displays your calculations with thousand separators to make it straightforward to read

*When the theme Oda Nobunaga is chosen, the key for 0(zero) is the mark of the purple stamp on the bottom left.

If you discover a bug or have any suggestion for improvement, please be happy to contact me at: [email protected]

You also can verify the news and updates for Samurai Calculator on my website:

Thank you!


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