Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)

Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)

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Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)Vocalizer TTS Voice (English)

Vocalizer is an embedded TTS engine that gives expressive and pure sounding voices in over 50 languages.

Vocalizer enriches the user expertise for a selection of functions on your system similar to GPS navigation, E-Book reading and assistive software.


- Each voice can be purchased via a simple In-App purchase course of. App includes a 7 days trial to test voices.

- Recent Google apps updates pressure using their own voices. GPS apps (maps) or the AI assistant, ignore text-to-speech settings, solely permitting Google TTS. This decision from Google has been strongly discouraged by the Android community however as for now, we can not guarantee compatibility for this apps. As an alternate, you should use Vocalizer voices on other GPS apps like Navigator or Sygic, which are suitable with Google Speech APIs.


Some of the options of Vocalizer include:

- Support for over 120 voices in over 50 totally different languages.

- Emoji support

- Easy customization of pronunciation by way of a consumer dictionary.

- Reading pace and pitch customization.

- Number and punctuation studying preferences.

- And many more!

Once the application is installed in your system, you might make Vocalizer your default Text-to-Speech engine by going to Settings (System) Language input (Advance) Text-to-Speech output, and checking “Vocalizer TTS as your default/preferred engine.

All Android gadgets from 4.0 onwards are supported.

Languages obtainable for purchase:

US English, Australian English, Indian English, Irish English, South African English, Scottish English, UK English, Argentinian Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Chilean Spanish, Colombian Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Arabic, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Catalan, Croatian, Basque, Galician, Dutch, Belgian Dutch, Kannada, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, French, Canadian French, Cantonese (Hong Kong), Mandarin, Mandarin Taiwanese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Malay, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Valencian.

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