PopToDo : To-do, Checklist, Note

PopToDo : To-do, Checklist, Note

By enex

PopToDo : To-do, Checklist, NotePopToDo : To-do, Checklist, NotePopToDo : To-do, Checklist, NotePopToDo : To-do, Checklist, NotePopToDo : To-do, Checklist, Note

About PopToDo:

- You can plan today's tasks, tomorrow's duties, and look again on past duties.

- You can add reminder, guidelines and notice to each activity merchandise.

- Checklist and observe can be added separately from duties.

- You can create categories and classify tasks.

- Dashboard makes it easy to establish and handle tasks.

Key features :

- Category (icons and colors)

- To-do administration (important, reminder, guidelines, note)

- Checklist (linked with To-do or created separately)

- Note (linked with To-do or created separately)

- To-do search

- Profile and dashboards

- Calendar

- Today view

- Sync Google Drive

- Widget (To-do, Checklist)

Supported languages:

- English, Korean, Japanese

Feedback, Inquiries and recommendations :

- [email protected]

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