By Contacts Plus team


Merge helps you simply discover merge duplicate contacts.

With Merge , you can be a part of duplicate contacts in your Android telephone Tablet with only three clicks:

1. LAUNCH Merge to search out duplicate contacts

2. REVIEW merge recommendations and mark who to merge

3. MERGE your selected duplicate contacts

★ New: Android Wear support! ★

★ Use voice command Start merging or obtain a merge notification (when duplicates are identified)

★ View merge suggestions on your Android Wear device

★ Select Merge all on your Android Wear system or review each merge suggestion on your Android system

Note: Merge can also be found as an integrated function in Contacts . Please make sure that you evaluate all duplicates and backup your contacts earlier than activating the merge choice.



We’re always joyful to get your feedback and answer any questions at: [email protected]



* Using Merge is subject to the Terms of Use on this hyperlink:

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