By joaomgcd


AutoSheets permits you to view/edit your Google Sheets information in/from Tasker!

It presently supports the following actions:

- Add Rows: append rows of information to the tip of a sheet or insert them someplace in the midst of the sheet

- Add Sheet: add a new Sheet (tab) at the bottom of your spreadsheet

- Create Spreadsheet: create a complete new spreadsheet

- Delete Cell Content: clear the contents of cells with out truly removing strains of columns from the sheet

- Delete Rows/Columns: truly take away rows and columns from sheets together with their content

- Duplicate Sheet: Create a model new sheet inside a spreadsheet which is a duplicate of an current sheet

- Format Cells: change the looks of cells on your sheets like background or text color

- Get Cell: easy approach to get the worth of a single cell in your sheet based mostly on its location or the value of a cell on a special column (great for Cloud Variables)

- Get Data: get a number of rows/columns of data at the identical time. Optionally title the output data as a quantity of arrays for simpler information parsing

- Get Spreadsheet: get information on a spreadsheet itself like its ID, sheet names, etc

- Insert Empty Rows/Columns: Simply insert new rows/columns with no content

- Update Cells: replace the content of cells without inserting any new rows/columns

As an instance you would use AutoSheets to add Cloud Variables to Tasker. Check right here:

Check out more AutoSheets examples right here:

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(WARNING: YOU MUST HAVE TASKER INSTALLED FOR THIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE: AutoSheets is simply usable as a plugin in Tasker. Please do not price it negatively because of this.)

Please contact me if anything is incorrect and I'll reply to you promptly and try to repair it as quickly as I can. Thank you.


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