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GeoTag app was created to geotag (add exif data) the smartphone pictures with excessive accuracy (while unable to sync with DSLR cams, GeoTag can add and edit geotags to any offline images stored in your smartphone). This geotagging app allows:

- show and share your present GPS location (and show all enabled geodata - see Screen Settings to set defaults);

- take photos and video while displaying GPS location and accuracy on the display screen,

- add text and voice notes to photos (available from Image mode - tap a photo you want to edit);

- display your pictures with geotags on the map (view your photos in a geoalbum);

- share pictures;

- export geodata as KML, CSV or XLS files;

- add and edit personalized geostamps / timestamps to images and videos:

- edit the GPS coordinates and other geodata of the picture, pretend photograph GPS.

With GeoTag you'll be able to accomplish the following:

- accumulate geodata in agriculture, which is crucial in farming;

- take, edit (fake) GPS information of an image of your cellphone digital camera for personal use;

- take a photograph with a geotag of a fallen tree, pothole or different on a regular basis hazard you want to report;

- geotag a car that was parked towards the principles;

- in actual property: photograph a property on sale to make a PDF report and share with your good friend...

Please, notice that the time required to obtain GPS coordinates along with your smartphone – normally 1-2 minutes - depends on weather, community protection and different components like nearby trees, buildings and simply being outdoor. Using the geolocation perform of your device along with the digital camera drains the telephone battery.

How GeoTag works intimately:

GeoTag can be used outdoor (using indoors reduces GPS accuracy) on smartphones that support location to take photos with GPS exif knowledge and share them. With GeoTag in your smartphone you'll be able to:

in Camera Mode (you enter this mode when you launch the app):

- tune the settings to be displayed on the display (coordinates, time, address, and so on.)

- take footage while displaying actual time coordinates, altitude and accuracy of your location;

- geotag footage - save your coordinates, climate, tackle, date / time of taking photos as exif;

- share your image or geodata only (coordinates, and so forth.);

- jump to the final taken image to enter Image Mode

in Image Mode:

- view photographs, their coordinates and location on the map (maps: satellite tv for pc, standard);

- swipe between images from the last taken one to view or delete them and examine their map location;

- add a geostamp / timestamp to any picture on any spot;

- select Edit info to edit azimuth and other geodata;

- select shade / measurement / transparency of the geostamp / timestamp;

- export exif as kml file;

- add a text or voice remark (please observe, that while a textual content comment becomes part of the image file saved in exif information and could be shared, a voice observe isn't added to the file and cannot be shared along with it)

- images can be shared via Picasa, Google Drive … preserving exif data

- long-tap an image icon on map to edit location and azimuth.

in Gallery Mode:

- prepare photographs by identify / time of creation / distance;

- select a folder to view PDF reports;

- select a folder in your camera to view images on the map;

- short-tap an image to enter Image Mode.

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