Prism for KLWP

Prism for KLWP

By YoG

Prism for KLWPPrism for KLWPPrism for KLWPPrism for KLWPPrism for KLWP

This isn't a stand-alone app

You want the Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro key to make use of these Presets. (Not the free version of KLWP)

Prism for KWLP Pro Contains Beautifully Crafted, Fully Customizable Kustom Live Wallpaper presets, Made by keeping users in thoughts.

You needn't manually adjust preset just so you could get it working on your phone

All the presets are totally Optimized for All aspect ratios Presets are Exportable So you can save your preference.

Our Preset comes with Amazing theming/Customization choices right on the home display screen so you don’t have to enter klwp globals every time to apply easy modifications.

Features :

  • Fully Customizable Presets(Amazing Theme Engine)
  • Infinite combinations(Choose your wallpaper, Make Gradient partitions on the home display, Change Animation scale, filters and lot more)
  • One Preset for all Aspect ratios(No extra fiddling around to get the damn thing working)
  • all settings are accessible on the home display itself.(More settings in klwp globals)
  • Color UI preset comes with Custom Wallpaper Maker inside(gradients), change colours of each component of UI.
  • All Preset has a description in KLWP(name of preset, Speciality of preset, Number of required empty page)
  • Light/Dark mode, Blur Mode,extra...
  • Lockscreen Navigation Bar Support
  • More Apps?
  • Current weather and forecast Information.
  • Beautiful Animations.
  • Music player, Dynamic Calendar.
  • Comes with Total of 6 Amazing Presets.
  • All Presets are Exportable (Full freedom to our users)
  • Updates to Ensure we provide even better worth for our users in the long term.Please let us know if there's something to enhance on.

What do you have to use these presets?

Kustom Live Wallpaper Pro ( KLWP Pro)

A KLWP suitable Launcher ( Nova Launcher Recommended)

Hide Dock Hide Status bar for a cleaner look

Note: Prism For klwp Presets Requires you to enable wallpaper Scrolling choice from launcher settings and Blank Homescreen Page for preset to operate nicely.

What is coming in upcoming releases?

  • Lots of enhancements in presets.
  • Any recommendations and modifications requested by person.
  • Better and improved theming options.
  • Suggestions are at all times welcome

    We recognize your feedback

    Feel free to contact us,

    If you've any issues or questions.

    Join our Telegram Channel:

    Join our Telegram Group for help:

    Credits :

    • Presets are created by Jesus Ruiz YoG
    • Thanks so much, Yash Manjrekar, Vuk Andric, izzldsgn, Tobias Fried for allowing us to use your Amazing Icons with out you guys, It wouldn't have been attainable to make such Beautiful Presets.
    • Thanks, Jahir Fiquitiva for his Great Kuper Dashboard.
    • Wallpapers are from Unsplash.
    • Thanks to Kustom Industries for Kustom Live Wallpaper ( KLWP)
    • Thanks to our Tester: Bruneba for testing all presets.

    I highly advocate you guys to try out these

    Icon packs which may be utilized in Prism for klwp Presets :

    • After Glow Pro Icon Pack by Stark Designs ( Yash Manjrekar)

    • Nova Icon Pack by Vuk Andric

    • Caelus Icon Pack by Creative 4 Studio (Vuk Andric)

    • Gruvy Icon Pack by IZZLDSGN

    • Phosphor Icon Pack by Tobias Fried

    having some points about your Purchase?

    Please e-mail at [email protected], would assist you to resolve your concern as early as attainable.

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