Immersive Full-Screen Mode

Immersive Full-Screen Mode

By Pieter Pareit

Immersive Full-Screen ModeImmersive Full-Screen ModeImmersive Full-Screen ModeImmersive Full-Screen ModeImmersive Full-Screen Mode

This app uses Accessibility companies.

Enter the Immersive Mode. This is the total display screen mode!


* Because of an Android limitation, the keyboard will not work while in immersive mode. But more of your display can be seen.

This software can enter and go away the new Immersive Mode to be able to reap the advantages of every pixel in your display screen. This will thus cover the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.


* Enter and leave immersive mode from settings

* Enter and go away immersive mode from the notification area

* Multiple options on how and when a notification must be displayed

* Choose to additionally hide the standing bar on top

* Can automatically enter immersive mode on selected purposes

* Has a blacklist for purposes that you simply somewhat by no means have in immersive mode

* Contains a widget to toggle the state

* Has Tasker/Locale support

* Does not require root! So no root is required, no further configuration is needed, works out of the box!

* Public intents

- be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION_ENTER_IMMERSIVEMODE

- be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION_LEAVE_IMMERSIVEMODE

- be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION_TOGGLE_IMMERSIVEMODE

are available, for example to script some action

Known issues:

* Keyboard solely works in sure cases. It might be needed to exit immersive mode for sure applications to use the keyboard. This is a security feature of android.

* Some functions can't deal with switching to immersive mode. Those functions don't observe the conventional design tips of android. Mostly games have this downside.


For any questions or function requests, contact the developer.

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