Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner

By TarrySoft

Guitar TunerGuitar TunerGuitar TunerGuitar TunerGuitar Tuner

Musicians built this Guitar Tuner for different musicians to tune their Guitar quick, precisely, and with no extra effort.

Both beginners and experts can use it to realize skilled results. Tune your guitar with Guitar Tuner Tool

No touching or adjusting is needed. Open the free Guitar tuner and begin tuning the Guitar.

This free Guitar tuner will analyze the sound of your Guitar using the built-in mic of your device, display the present observe performed its frequency, and direct you to tune your Guitar fast and accurately.

And it's free! Instant and precise Guitar Tuner!

Guitar Tuner Fantastic Features:

-Precise Guitar Tuner

- Many alternate tuning options

- Wide range detection C0 - B8

- Only ~3MB

- Simple to use

- Accurate

- Auto-detect notes

- Display subsequent higher/lower notes

- Mic stage display

- Frequency display

Get your guitar completely in tune with the free Guitar Tuner app!

Alternate tuning options

- Standard

- Drop D

- Half Step Down

- Full Step Down

- 1 and half of Steps Down

- Double Drop D

- Drop C

- Drop C#

- Drop B

- Drop A#

- Drop A

- Open D

- Open D Minor

- Open G

- Open G Minor

- Open C

- Open C#

- Open C Minor

- Open E7

- Open E Minor7

- Open G Major7

- Open A Minor

- Open A Minor7

- Open E

- Open A

- C Tuning

- C# Tuning

- Bb Tuning

- A to A (Baritone)

- D A D D D D

- C G D G B E

- C G D G B D

- D A D E A D

- D G D G A D

- Open Dsus2

- Open Gsus2

- G6

- Modal G

- Overtone

- Pentatonic

- Minor Third

- Major Third

- All Fourths

- Augmented Fourths

- Slow Motion

- Admiral

- Buzzard

- Face

- Four and Twenty

- Ostrich

- Capo 200

- Balalaika

- Cittern One

- Cittern Two

- Dobro

- Lefty

- Mandoguitar

- Rusty Cage

The easiest approach to tune your guitar - Guitar Tuner! Tune your Guitar with a easy, accurate, and hands-free Guitar tuner app.

Start utilizing the Guitar Tuner and Enjoy! Designed and tested by skilled musicians!

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