Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper

Subwoofer Speaker Wallpaper

By Jogi

Subwoofer Speaker WallpaperSubwoofer Speaker WallpaperSubwoofer Speaker WallpaperSubwoofer Speaker WallpaperSubwoofer Speaker Wallpaper

Subwoofer Speaker is rendered subwoofer speaker emulator, frequency response from 30Hz to 300Hz.

Application engine responds to music and different sounds from gadget like actual speaker.

Consume low CPU and GPU energy (long battery life).

Live Wallpaper and application works in landscape and portrait mode, every mode has 15 separate profiles.

You can change them, in accordance with your own preferences (create, swap, and delete).

All Access options:

- enlarge, cut back, transfer, and add mirror to the speaker.

- take a look at suspension speaker, manually or routinely (finger icon or sine wave icon)

- fast configuration option from the wallpaper (quick configuration icon must be spotlight,

tap the display screen with three fingers on the wallpaper screen for begin configuration)

- vibration (vibration icon have to be highlight)

NOTE: Some gadget are not supported, as a result of they don't have any electric motor.

- music management (music control icon must be highlight):

* play/pause: tap twice shortly into the middle of the display screen

* earlier: faucet twice rapidly in the left a half of the display

* next: faucet twice shortly in the best part of the screen

* stop: faucet quickly left a half of the screen, then center, and at last on the right a half of the display screen

NOTE: From model 1.3 you'll find a way to choose your music player to control:

- Default by the system

- Poweramp

- Google Play Music

- Winamp

- Samsung Music Player

- Sony WALKMAN Music Player

- Stock Android Player

How to set Subwoofer Speaker on residence display lengthy press wallpaper and select:

Set wallpaper - Live wallpapers - Subwoofer Speaker - Set wallpaper

NOTE: On some units, the Subwoofer Speaker can't work properly.

It is caused by the built-in DSP.

Media gamers block audio data - android visualizer class not work correctly.

If android visualizer class not working correctly in your gadget, please don't blame my utility.

Try on one other device ;)

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