Ovy – period, ovulation, cycle

Ovy – period, ovulation, cycle

By Ovy GmbH

Ovy – period, ovulation, cycleOvy – period, ovulation, cycleOvy – period, ovulation, cycleOvy – period, ovulation, cycleOvy – period, ovulation, cycleOvy – period, ovulation, cycle

Calculate the day your ovulation takes place, your fertile phase and your next period. Choose between the modes “Prevent pregnancy” following the symptothermal methodology or “Get pregnant”. Using your physique signals, such as your waking temperature, the Ovy App helps you calculate your cycle. Transfer the temperature automatically using the Ovy Bluetooth basal thermometer. The Ovy App is a CE-compliant medical system “made in Germany”.

How the Ovy App works

Register and create your profile so that the Ovy App gets to know your cycle.

Choose between the 2 modes “Prevent pregnancy” or “Get pregnant” or start “Pregnancy mode”.

Pair your Ovy Bluetooth basal thermometer to the Ovy App as quickly as so that your temperature values are automatically transferred within the morning.

Measure your temperature with the Ovy Bluetooth basal thermometer within the morning before you stand up.

Document other body alerts similar to cervical mucus, interference factors, ovulation tests, PMS, sick days and far more in the Ovy App.

Export your cycle graphs and share them with gynaecologists.

Why you want to use the Ovy App:

As a hormone-free various to the tablet.

For support if you wish to have a baby.

To get to know your body better.

Safe and easy utility of the symptothermal method.

Easy utility of a combined system consisting of medical app and Bluetooth system.

Extensive tracking of body signals corresponding to PMS, intervals, interference elements, drugs and much more.

Precise calculation of fertile and non-fertile days.

Export detailed cycle graph.

Calendar function for planning.

Use the full scope of the Ovy App with out internet connection, e.g. in flight mode.

Photo documentation of ovulation test outcomes for evaluation.

Access to Ovy Care for particular person content material acceptable to the respective section of your cycle.

Reminders to measure your morning temperature, register cervical mucus and before the beginning of your subsequent interval.

Integrated being pregnant mode with due date calculator, present week of being pregnant and much more.

Safety information

The Ovy App isn't a substitute for medical recommendation or treatment by doctors.

The Ovy App does not present any medical or medical diagnoses or info to which you should refer solely.

The Ovy App is not an authorized contraceptive.

The Ovy App does not defend towards sexually transmitted diseases.

No contraceptive offers one hundred pc protection, even when used correctly.

The Ovy App is for women and couples aged 18 and over.

Note any interference factors which will affect your temperature in the app.

The Ovy team respects your privacy

We only use your data to calculate your cycle, do not sell any data and won't overwhelm you with advertising within the app.

You can discover extra information online:

Privacy policy: https://ovyapp.com/pages/datenschutzbestimmungen

TCs: https://ovyapp.com/pages/general-terms-and-conditions

The Ovy staff cares about your privacy

We only use your knowledge to calculate your cycle, we don't sell any information and we do not overwhelm you with advertising in the app.

You can find more data on-line:

Data protection: https://ovyapp.com/pages/privacy-policy

General phrases and situations: https://ovyapp.com/pages/terms-and-conditions

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