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Health Log

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Health LogHealth LogHealth LogHealth LogHealth Log

Health Log makes it quick and easy to trace your health related info. Health Log supplies an especially versatile logging system making it simple to maintain track of any well being associated info corresponding to complications, cramps, coughs, colds, nausea, anxiety, depression, menstruation, arthritis, allergies, panic attacks, seizures, particular mental states and any other customized data. With every record you'll have the ability to report the severity of the occasion in addition to the kind of pains, places of the ache, potential triggers, any drugs taken and if they provided reduction.

Fast, easy and straightforward approach to log and track and health event

• Keeping logs of your health can help discover the causes, most effective treatment and give a greater general understanding of your health

• Extremely customize-able with the ability to track any info you need similar to any sort of pain/symptom any location where the ache is, any potential triggers, and medication and the amount taken

• Health records may be shown to docs to give them stable info to help diagnose any potential issues

• Track the severity of complications, cramps, coughs, colds, nausea, anxiety, despair, menstruation, arthritis, allergic reactions, panic attacks, seizures and some other custom information

• Track when complications, cramps, coughs, colds, nausea, anxiousness, melancholy, menstruation, arthritis, allergic reactions, panic attacks and some other customized event occurs and for the way long

• Track the sort of pain associated with a well being event similar to migraine, throbbing, uninteresting, sharp nausea and many extra. Custom pains may be added as well

• Track the areas of a well being occasion such as temples, sinus, brow and many extra. Custom places may be added as well

• Track the potential triggers of well being occasions such as stress, lack of sleep, loud noises, daylight and heaps of more. Custom triggers could be added as well

• Track the medications and the portions taken for similar to ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), antihistamines and some other customized medication

• Track the relief skilled by medications or treatments

• Update information quickly and simply to regulate for changes in your well being event

• View a big selection of statistics about your data similar to what number of headaches, cramps, coughs, colds, nausea, nervousness, melancholy, menstruation, arthritis, allergy symptoms, panic attacks or seizures have been recorded, how many days since your last health event, common severity, average length, most typical pains, locations and medications

• View statistics associated to any particular recorded affiliation, such as what number of complications, cramps, coughs, colds, nausea, anxiousness, depression, allergic reactions, panic attacks or seizures are related to a pressing ache, or stress as a trigger

• View your occasions in a calendar view. Quickly and simply replace, delete or add new events from the calendar view. The calendar view can be helpful in finding patterns in well being events

• View your occasions on a graph by year, month week or all well being occasions at once. The graph view may be useful in finding patterns in health events


• Upgrade Health Log to allow exporting your data as a spreadsheet that can be viewed with any spreadsheet studying program such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

• Upgrading permits the option to export your logs as a database backup that can be used to revive your data on a brand new device when switching phones or on the same telephone. Includes Dropbox automatic syncing to simply change between units in addition to make manual backups to Dropbox

• Upgrading removes ads


• Choose to have instances displayed in AM/PM or 24 hour format

• Select which day of the week to be the primary day of the week

• Select which statistics you wish to view on the house screen

Health Log could be an efficient well being log, well being tracker, fitness trackers, well being diary, headache tracker, headache diary, useful for headache monitoring, head ache prevention and stopping head aches

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