Pro Map Coordinates

Pro Map Coordinates

By Soft Stack Dev

Pro Map CoordinatesPro Map CoordinatesPro Map CoordinatesPro Map CoordinatesPro Map Coordinates

Map Coordinates will allow you to retrieve the coordinates and/or handle of a particular location on the map. It is easy to use and really intuitive whereas providing 4 types of maps:

- normal

- satellite

- terrain

- hybrid

and 4 kinds of coordinate representations:

- degrees, minutes and seconds

( N forty five ° forty eight ' forty.forty seven E 22 ° forty eight ' 28.06 )

- levels and minutes

( N 50 ° 11.17 ' E 9 ° 53.05 ' )

- decimal degrees

( Lat: -8.21 Long: - 61.eleven )




(34 N 52089E 51194N)

Map supported operations are:

- 3D for regular map type

- tilt using 2 fingers drag

- rotation utilizing 2 fingers rotation

- drag drop marker

This app is very intuitive and straightforward to use, designed that will assist you determine the coordinates of specific point on the map and share them with your friends via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. If your device is rooted and you've got got checked the share screenshot option, a screenshot of the map may also be connected should you share your location through e-mail. In addition, you presumably can visualize the location on the map of certain coordinates or handle.

In the „Settings” display you can change between the available coordinates sorts, set the precision of MGRS coordinates sort, you presumably can show or cover the „Address bar” and you can allow or disable the „Measure tool” for which you will have the ability to select totally different measure units, depending on your needs. The available measure models are: „Metric”, „Imperial” and „Marine”.

There can be a Get Directions button which opens Google Maps Directions characteristic and displays directions from your present location (or any location that you just select there) to the situation pinned in Map Coordinates. This feature may be very useful when you wish to see how a lot time you need to attain a degree and which course you must take.

Another helpful characteristic is „Copy to clipboard”. Using it, you copy the selected coordinates or address and paste them wherever you want.

More latest options are „History” which holds all your places history and „Favorites” which are places saved by you with a contact of a button so you might have your favourite destinations all the time right at hand.

This being stated, I hope you enjoy this app and please be happy to contact me by way of email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Also please report any bugs that you might observe, and I will repair them as soon as attainable.

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