Been Love Memory -Love Counter

Been Love Memory -Love Counter

By BLM Studio Ltd.

Been Love Memory -Love CounterBeen Love Memory -Love CounterBeen Love Memory -Love CounterBeen Love Memory -Love CounterBeen Love Memory -Love Counter

What's Been Love Memory - Love Days Counter 2021?

Congratulations Been Love Memory 2021 has reached 10.000.000 downloads

❥ Been Love Memory - Love counter is love days counting App No.1 on smartphone

❥ Been Love Memory help you: see what number of days you could have been together?Manage and keep in mind necessary anniversaries for you and your partner! Dating couples love days!

❥ How lengthy have you been collectively ? How long have you been together with your lover? 365 days or 730 days and even longer?

❥ Decorate the anniversary with a valuable pretty person by the widget with pictures.

What's new in Been Love Memory - Love Days Counter 2021?

❥ New interface Beautiful, display extra infomations: birthday, horoscope of you and your darling.

❥ Swipe right or left to see Been Love Memory Clock Love Letter very romance.

❥ Been Love Memory Lite Theme: Lite Theme is new smooth and exquisite.

Features of Been Love Memory 2021:

❥ Been Love Memory Backup Restore data on Cloud.

❥ Update lots Love Shape - Shape of Been Love Memory Shape of avatar

❥ Been Love Memory 2021 - Love days: Change love form lovely.

❥ Application Been Love Memory add extra fashionable Fonts

❥ Custom 20 Theme Colors beautiful

❥ Store Love Story Annivesary with My Love: Christmas, New Year, Holiday... has been together

❥ Annivasary Photo Album Slide Show

❥ Display Been Love Memory Clock Love day counter: years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds

❥ Show Been Together Days love counter number, relationship days counter XXXdays

❥ Remember love day anniversary, couple tracker love days on Notifications

❥ Show love days, been collectively days in notifications bar

❥ Show widget residence screen edit widget: size 1x1, 4x1 with picture couples

❥ Love Days Counting Lock display screen Kute

❥ Show love counter, been together day percents by way of graph (animation water ball )

❥ Select background, wallpaper devices

❥ Set relationship photograph to wallpaper house screen

❥ Custom change text Color

❥ Select background wallpaper from camera/ gallery

❥ The graph shows the share of love days been together

❥ Choose an avatar by way of digital camera, library from sdcard

❥ Share on Facebook

❥ Save Been Love Memory Photo in SD-CARD

❥ Set Annivesary Photo album as app background

❥ Supporting Multiple Languages English and Vietnamese, Turkish

❥ Been Love Memory - Love Counter is FREE

❥ Show widget in house display show love days number.

With Been Love Memory 365 Appliction you'll:

❥ How many days depend you been collectively together with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

❥ Love days counter, been together love days counter and couple tracker love days.

❥ See how many days you may have been together valentine's day, relationship days counter alert daily

❥ With this application, your lover shall be at all times with you! Thank you!

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