Life Palmistry - AI Palm Gender Prediction

Life Palmistry - AI Palm Gender Prediction

By Bluewolf Technology Limited

Life Palmistry - AI Palm Gender PredictionLife Palmistry - AI Palm Gender PredictionLife Palmistry - AI Palm Gender PredictionLife Palmistry - AI Palm Gender PredictionLife Palmistry - AI Palm Gender Prediction

Life Palmistry researches and analyzes features of palm print, palm size, palm width and finger size, and performs tens of tens of millions of professional simulation operations so that we can give you palmistry report to help you be taught the secrets of your hand. (For entertainment only)

Main functions embody:

✋ AI Palmistry - Through the evaluation of ordinary factors and auxiliary strains, we give you the palmistry evaluation report to offer useful ideas on your life.

✋ Time Magic - Time flies, and traces of years might be revealed on the face. We can take you through the longer term and see your self more mature in many years.

✋ Baby Prevision - Baby is the most fantastic gift send by god. Are you additionally curious how your future child looks like? Upload photo and see, proper now!

✋ Change Gender - Don’t you want to take a look on the funny face if you become another gender?

✋ Daily guide - You will obtain an unique every day information to your love, work, wealth and health, and get an early have a look at what may occur daily.

✋ Finger Analysis - According to the comprehensive evaluation of your fingers, we can supplies recommendation and steerage on your persona and life.

✋ Hand Analysis - The length and width of the hand imply completely different secrets. Download it and uncover the secrets!

✋ Hand Perfection - What is the ratio of finger length to palm length? Come to check whether or not you've a perfect ratio or not.

✋ Love Counselor - We will give you a love counseling service and you can get advice in your love relationship.

✋ Career Counselor - According to the profession evaluation, you might get acceptable suggestion and know which job is sweet for you.

And extra features coming quickly...

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