Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who

Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who "hits" in Fukui gets married and love appraisal

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Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who Free fortune-telling [God word mandala] A popular fortune-teller who

The world of surprise we reside in, this shore (cancer),

The world of enlightenment that God offers, the equinoctial week (higan).

Aju, a female fortune teller who crosses this financial institution and the equinoctial week.

In dialogue with God, you probably can see the connection between delivery and demise, love and separation, struggling and happiness, just like a mandala.

The mysterious capacity of Aju spread from her hometown of Fukui, and eventually grew to become a sizzling matter all round the nation.

There was a flood of requests for coverage and appraisals from media similar to magazines.

Please expertise the mysterious appraisal of Aju for free first.

Appraiser Profile

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Takigami Aju


> 12 years of appraisal history.

The gods and Buddha grow up in a well-recognized environment, partly as a outcome of they have been entrusted to her grandparents' home in her countryside.

She has had many mysterious experiences since childhood, and when she was a high school scholar, she stated, Because you're a youngster who has a reference to the Buddha, you need to worship for the relaxation of your life.

I can't do it, he was told by a worshiper who had a connection.

When she was driven to the point the place she considered suicide, she was helped by the Buddha who put her arms together in a snarling method.

Her experience along with her brought images and phrases to her natural and her mind.

She is at present utilizing her talents corresponding to her spiritual vision to unravel home as well as overseas circumstances.

She also has a monitor report of accompanying her interviews with strange spots and publishing her own experiences in horror novels.

■ Message

Her fortune and fate aren't fixed.

If you realize the future and discover it unfavorable, you probably can simply change it.

Fortune-telling is like a map where you know where you are now ... it is not a future that may all the time happen.

If you do not just like the vacation spot or route, you'll find a way to change the future.

What kind of future do you like?

It is your power that determines all of your destiny.

Now, let's unravel the future with me.

■ Fortune-telling

Tarot, Four Pillars, Inspiration / Spiritual Vision, Spiritual Counseling

■ Achievements

・ Healing Fair in OSAKA (2010-2011)

・ Kidaisha Tsutachi Knot Heart Day (2011-2012)

・ Urara Expo 2016


・ Fortune-telling blog Takigami Aju no Maka Mysterious Yuuki

http://www.uranaiblog. internet / user / ajhu / ajhu /

In addition, many magazines, free papers, horror journal protection, true story horror novels, and so forth. are printed

Appraisal examples



・ Why do you wish to meet? ≪The state of the one who did not contact me ・ The reason why the 2 people could not meet≫

・ The person who didn't communicate The purpose why the contact did not come / I actually want to tell you / The last distance between the 2 people

・ Recent perspective two people ninety days later Thoughts for you that I can't say now / That particular person's scenario / Turning point = Love ending

・ Is that particular person's favor real? ≪Reveal all your true feelings≫ Meaning of perspective, honest feelings, wishes, future expectations

・ I need you to get married on the premise of marriage that individual's will to marry Possibility of enrollment

・ I'm scared, but please inform me. What will occur to this love? That individual's true intention Words and actions x destiny day = ending of two people

・ Painful love relief ・ Decision Keep considering or parting Change of that individual's coronary heart / Final relationship that two individuals meet

・ Future reunion Unforgettable current state of affairs of that person / remorse and remorse / approaching day = possibility of reunion

marriage / destined person

・Two individuals's first kiss day ● Month ● Sun Next, this person will take your lips hot!

・ Happiness is imminent! People who actually like you now Features Fate Day Marriage Possibility

・ The best marriage fortune-telling ever! Your destined person Appearance / Personality / Occupation / Marriage view / Propensity / Full view of enrollment date

The complete picture

Life / turning point

・ Life radical change The subsequent turning point for you is ... ● Year ● Month << Situation / Turning point particulars / Change >>

・ Life Appraisal SP Birth and Late Years ◆ Talent / Love / Marriage / Fortune / Success ◆ Your Life Complete Edition


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