PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker

PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker

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PrimeNap: Free Sleep TrackerPrimeNap: Free Sleep TrackerPrimeNap: Free Sleep TrackerPrimeNap: Free Sleep TrackerPrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker

Improve your sleep quality with PrimeNap, the free Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm App.

PrimeNap also includes a display dimmer, sleep statistics, snore detection, sleep sounds and a dream journal.


* Free Sleep monitor / Sleep tracker

* Data-export

* Sleep debt analysis

* Smart alarm / sleep cycle alarm clock

* Gradual quantity increase

* Snore detection

* Easy snooze utilizing multitouch, add 5 minutes per finger

* Screen dimmer

* Red filter

* Dream journal

* Sleep stats for user-specified daily activities

* Sleep sounds

Benefits of utilizing a sleep tracker and sleep cycle alarm clock / smart alarm

With modern day work schedules, our sleep patterns have turn out to be widely irregular and oftentimes a lot shorter than they want to be. PrimeNap's Sleep Tracker might help you analyze your sleeping patterns and correct them if needed. Using PrimeNap's smart alarm performance, you'll find a way to avoid being pulled out of deep sleep by a well-meaning time-based alarm clock, and as an alternative get up gently after sleep cycle completion and thereby simulate a natural awakening.

How it works: Movement throughout sleep is understood to roughly correlate with the precise sleep stages obtained by polysomniography. This sleep movement is registered by the cellphone and translated into fairly correct sleep cycle data.

Recommended use: Use this sleep app with correct hardware. If handy, change on airplane/flight mode to attenuate any emissions. Reboot or close other apps that might cause the phone to heat up in the course of the night time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

* How do you interpret the resulting graph?

- The graph is separated into two sections. The high part exhibits relative movement over time. Low measured movement might be a valley within the graph, excessive movement will be a peak within the graph.

The backside section uses the movement information to calculate a rough estimate of your sleep cycles (numbered on top) and even individual sleep phases during each sleep cycle (Awake, Dreaming (REM), Light Sleep (Non-REM 1,N2), Deep Sleep (N3). The app makes use of the precise measurement (e.g. lengthy stretches of low movement are more doubtless to be deep sleep), averages (mainly in case of REM) and primary information about sleep cycles (duration approx. 90 minutes) to create a reasonable best-fit hypnogram graph. This is why it will still present sleep cycles if the telephone is positioned on a desk. The app assumes that the user is definitely sleeping.

* How is this going to assist enhance sleep?

- For most individuals greatest sleep is achieved through common sleeping patterns (similar bedtime) averaging about 8 hours of sleep daily. The app is supposed to help people to find out their precise sleeping patterns in order to make informed changes. The sleeping times are thus most necessary, the data shown within the graphs is principally used by the smart alarm function.

* How do you add your personal nap classes when you neglect to trace them?

- On the third tab (Nap History) there is a button within the backside proper nook labeled 1.

* How do you delete nap sessions?

- Click and Hold the nap that you just want to delete. Select the corresponding item from the menu that may appear.

* How do you resume a nap session?

- Simply click on the sleep button once more to start out a new nap. The app will automatically know that there have been earlier sleep cycles and can proceed there. Both sleep sessions will seem in the sleep pattern overview.

* What does the button Phone off = Sleep do?

- This is an choice for individuals who turn their cellphone off during the evening. If you flip your telephone off fully, the app will count this as going to mattress. Turning it again on in the morning is counted as waking up.

* What is Wake Battery

- This is a way of displaying the present sleep debt as a battery icon within the status bar. This wants adjustment and all the time sleep if drained.

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