forDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

forDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

By Tessera Multimedia

forDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management appforDiabetes: diabetes self-management app

forDiabetes app is a handy device for the administration of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, LADA, gestational diabetes or pre-diabetes). It keeps report of all key diabetes information (blood glucose stage, activity, carbs, blood stress, HbA1c, weight, medication etc), it analyzes information and exports detailed reports that enables your everyday life.

With the automatic knowledge entry, the HbA1c calculation, the reminders, the dynamic charts and lots of other useful features that the app supports, diabetes administration becomes easier.

Ask your smart assistant Amazon Alexa in your glucose degree and add a new measurement utilizing voice commands. Share your information online with your physician anytime and feel secure.

forDiabetes is there for you.


- A logbook for blood glucose, meals, actions, medications, blood pressure, weight, HbA1c etc

- Automatic data entry using 3rd-party apps and glucose meter devices with Bluetooth or NFC connection like: Google Fit, Fitbit exercise trackers, Contour Next ONE Contour Plus ONE glucometers, GlucoMen areo GlucoMen areo 2K glucometers, Accu-Chek Instant, Beurer GL50 evo glucometer, Control Bios TD-4277 glucometer etc

- Voice commands to add new glucose measurements and ask for glucose knowledge from the Amazon Alexa Smart assistant

- Effortless guide data entry

- Export and share reports

- Access to the Web software ( for advanced features (e.g. export filtered data in different formats: Excel, CSV HTML)

- Estimation of HbA1c based mostly on blood glucose history

- Bolus calculator

- Your every day measurements in the dashboard at a glance

- Data presentation with semantic colors

- Offline assist. View, add, or modify knowledge, even when there is no network connection and sync when the device is again online

- Setup goals for: blood glucose range, daily exercise, every day carbs etc

- See your progress with useful charts primarily based in your outlined goals for: blood glucose, meals, activities, weight, blood strain etc

- Real-time knowledge sharing with healthcare providers

- Reminders of measurements, exams, appointments etc

- Your day by day measurements in the dashboard at a glance

- Multi-language support (English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Ελληνικά, Polski, Português, Čeština, Slovenščina, Bahasa Indonesia)

- Login together with your Facebook, Google account or Amazon account

- Support totally different items for blood glucose (mg/dL or mmol/L), for distance (km or miles), for weight (kg or lbs).

forDiabetes: a step to a better life!

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