Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women

By Visionary Labs

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for womenDaily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for womenDaily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for womenDaily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for womenDaily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women

This exercise app for women offers you with an entire exercise plan for hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, and glutes.

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women helps you tone butt (glute), burn belly fat, slim legs, trim waistline and get in good condition. Follow the home exercise units to really feel the burn.

Home Workout for women presents 100% house workout environment the place no different gear is needed that will help you hold in good condition.

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women is a health app for girls, which offers you with an exercise plan, to build excellent formed buttocks and legs, in 30 days.

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for girls App Features :

- Quick and efficient workouts maximize fat burning and buttocks

- All in one women-specific Buttocks workout without any equipment

- Butt Fitness and 30 Day Plan

- Increases exercise intensity step by step

- Track your progress with ease, comprehensive exercise sessions

- You can also create your individual training and exercise sets

- Sound guide will help you to find out relaxation and workout timings

- Home Fitness Exercise for glute, No Equipment, Daily Home Workout

- Customize Workout reminder notification

Easy to customize your training sets:

Back Lunge, Box Step up, Butt Bridge, Calf Raise, Cross Lunge, Dynamic Bridge, Forward bend, Jumping Jacks, Jumps, Kick Back, Leg Spread, Single Leg, Reverse Leg Raise, Side Leg Lift, Side Lunge, Single leg Squat, Split Squat Jump, Squats, Standing leg increase, Wall Sit, Wall Squat, Wide Squat, Buttocks Workout and Split Squat.

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